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#15704 article number: DT261 - 2

Mia, Bobbie, Susi & Francesca (30:38)

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Catfights (Storyline)

USA / Canada



panty / panty & bra

furnished apartment

body punching

Bonds / other fetish











United States

Now how can we ever top a match like this - we may not be able to but we're sure going to try. We can find a group of sorority sisters that are playing a destructive game. Mia, Bobbie, Susie and Franchesca star in this yxouthful exercise in dominant destruction. You see, these sorority sisters from different sororities are trying to see which sister can catch and destroy the most other sisters. We open as Mia is seen at the door delivering one of the vanquishes victims. In a fireman's carry she brings her in and another girl inspects her but the brand or stamp isn't signed so it's not considered a good score. You see the victor has to stamp the girl with the sorority stamp then sign in. It all becomes delightfully confused as they try to stamp and destroy each other. Soon the tops are off and the ladies are fireman carrying the lifeless bodies all around the room. So sit back and enjoy watching these young college girls destroy, sta n and carry each other right to the foot of your couch.
Mia (DT)
height 169
age 2016
weight 60
country United States
cup size B
Bobbie (DT)
height 166
age -
weight 54
country United States
cup size A
Susie (DT.SK)
height 0
age -
weight 0
country United States
cup size B
Francesca (DT)
height 164
age -
weight 50
country United States
cup size B