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Vicky vs Lisa (27:06)

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USA / Canada


Pro Style Wrestling


boxing ring

Pro-Style Wrestling

As you look at them you know somebody will be hurt. There is no way either of these two girls will ever submit. This will be afighttothe finish. As the match begins, Lisa is using her speed and agility to offset Vicky's attempts to make the fight about strength. As the girls trade holds and throws, you will be mesmerized by these two strong, hard bodies inflicting pain and punishment on each other. As one girl gains the upper hand, you sense that she knows she has the match won if she's willing to administer a beating to her opponent. And she is. Things begin to deteriorate for the victim as she is thrown, twisted and slammed around the ring. As the fight ends, the loser is hanging limply on the ropes, unable to stand. The winner revels in her victory.