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Tina vs Francesca (22:40)

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USA / Canada


panty / panty & bra


boxing ring


head punsching

body punching










United States

We start out with a grudge bout between two of our toughest, scrappiest beauties, Tina and Franchesca. Franchesca wants to box with Tina, even knowing that Tina is the much more experienced boxer. The bell rings and our topless puglists come out to fight but experience soon tades over as Tina´s jab and foot work begin to intimidate. Tough and determined as Franchesca is she finds herself against the ropes, her body pummeled by a savage attack that strikes at voth her stomach and breasts and finishes with a jaw breaker right hook that knocks her to the canvas. Things get even worse when the dazed Franchesca comes out for the next section and is met by even worse punishment.How can those supple brown breasts take such abuse and then the gut, these could well be some of the hardest blows I'veever seen administered to a midsection. Do not believe this bout is near over because anyone who knows Franchesca knows you have to destroy her to stop her and if you don´t she finds a way back in. You thought those poor breasts and guts took a beating before wait till you see that smooth skin quiver as these destructive fists flail. A sight to behold. So great that a rematch has already been scheduled – both of these ladies want an ultimate match.
Tina (DT)
height 168
age -
weight 61
country United States
cup size A
Francesca (DT)
height 164
age -
weight 50
country United States
cup size B