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Sandy vs Olga - Topless Fights (15:02)

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XL BIG LADIES Sandy (Berlin) vs Monika (Prague),

The three great lagers: Sandy, colored blonde it nature fair hairedly wasn't easy for Monika, dark blond and Olga, to get these three fair haired women against each other on the mat. They at all events aren't silly. So I fight against the Ukrainian in no case! This one is too brutal for me! So Sandy via Olga. No, don't give this one to fingernails against the woman! This one chokes! So Olga via Sandy. Both had respect for Monika just the same. (or) fear turned around as well. All three had reason enough to be afraid of the respectively other. Monika great and tremendously strong simply likes to fight unconcernedly straight on. Wrestling is primarily pleasure gain for her, though only, if she wins. The ears get visit at her broad, pleasant laughter. A natural prodigy flirts just on the mat! Sandy knows this perhaps still better. This one winks at you enticingly with the eyes and winds you round the little finger. But caution! It is an elegant appearance only in the fine tuxedo. It can grasp it terribly on the mat, its native country no, is probably even a little stronger than the two anderen.Olga of the Volga, isn't quite so far eastern. But her mentality is considerably different. It is usually rather serious, exclusively concentrates on the fight. It is not quite as greatly as its opponents, also not so heavy and not so strong. It nevertheless frightens them. A look into its face causes goose flesh: It doesn't suffice me to defeat you stand there, I will finish you! Olga has problems with that, himself, under make.The air burns from her extreme Fighting in our harmless fight style if it finally starts. Is only in such a way many betrayed: All fights are thrilling extremely and end with extremely scarce results. You laugh only at the beginning. The thing then gets hotter and hotter and one leaves wailing the hall at the end with pain and anger. Rightly? One can discuss it like over the famous Wembley gate. Three not all wrestling matches, three bangers! (Hotel, topless)
Sandy (AS)
height 179
age -
weight 58
country Germany
cup size B
height 0
age -
weight 0
country Ukraine
cup size B