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Sandy vs Angel (34:15)

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body punching




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United States

Speaking of stretching, the queen is Angel and in our second match she takes on one of the toughest flexers of all, Sandy is mad at Angel for kicking a flexers of all, Sandy. Now Sandy is mad at Angel for kicking a friend of hers in the head. Angel says she'll do the same for Sandy and Mia steps in and sets up a match. Not long into this match Sandy finds out just how flexible her opponent really is as she pins her legs over her head and to the mat. But Angel gets free and throws the beautiful tough Sandy around the ring. Tables turn and Sandy is again stretching one of those long, lean, legs of sweet Angel under the ropes as she jumps on the other. Can Angel take such pain, not only does she take it she kicks Sandy out of the ring and now pulls her legs over her head and sits on them. Then back in the ring and watch out Sandy because here it comes – that kick in the head, not once but twice. It's by no means over yet – no, there's those amazing forced splits. And then it comes, the ultimate painful stretch – you'll have to see it to believe it. OUCH!! If you've never bought a pro style tape before, then I highly recommend this one. For pure entertainment Stretching and Flexing is a real hit.
Sandy (DT)
height 168
age -
weight 62
country Germany
cup size C
Angel (DT)
height 0
age -
weight 0
country United States
cup size A