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Pro Wrestling from Japan: Tag Team, USA vs. Japan (13:15)

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Pro Style Wrestling


boxing ring

Pro-Style Wrestling









United States

Two American beauties Seattle's blonde powerhouse, Liz Chase and popular Native American Princess Victoria pair up in a tag team bout against Mimi and Jumbo. View this, and you'll be qualified to say you've witnessed everything that can occur in womens's wrestling! It's fast, fierce-almost brutal, at times-but it still gives the spectator a look at nearly every orthodox hold in wrestling. The cruel, crafty Tarantula-seldom seen on video in the U.S.- is included in the star – studded lineup, exhibiting her super acrobatic skill while giving pretty, young Tadeno Noriko a painful lesson in the finer, more punishing points of the mat sport. Two of the best, most agile big women ever seen in the pro ring Masked Yu and Jumbo Matsumoto open the card with an a wesome display of power and punishement, going full tilt throughout their match. And the tempo picks up in each succeeding bout!

Princess Victoria
height 173
age -
weight 66
country United States
cup size B
Liz Chase
height 162
age -
weight 61
country United States
cup size B