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Mia vs Francesca (23:38)

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Catfights (Storyline)

USA / Canada




Pro-Style Wrestling

body punching










United States

The next two stars ready to dazzle you are two of your favorites; Mia and Francesca. Francesca joins Mia in the back yard and sarcastically says she was sent to find the wrestling champ and get some tips but then points out that Mia is no longer the champ but just a has been who won rigged fights. This infuristes Mia and they argue trying to decide who has the best arm and leg muscles. They inspect and stroke each others muscles then Franchesca challenges Mia to an arm wrestling match and they´re off to the mat to test their arm strenght. This completed they decide to finish it off in the ring but first they get cocky and each devulges her fight plan - - explain exactly how they´re going to destroy the other, detail by painful detail. In the ring Franchesca takes her top off freeing her pert brown breasts, and telling Mia she took it off so Mia can´t cheat by using it to choke her. The match starts and Mia is ready to show her opponent some real wrestling moves but wily Franchesca has other ideas as she quickly gets Mia´s top off and uses it to choke her. This sets the tone for a wild romp as both ladies try to destroy each other and of course Franchesca will use any means possible. Athletic Mia is a great wrestler but something about her brings out a real mean streak in Franchesca. These strong young gladiators go head to head spouting their game plans as they try to rip the limbs off of each other. Two more heavenly bodies that are destined to collide causing a black hole that will suck you into an abyss of viewing enjoyment.

Mia (DT)
height 169
age 2016
weight 60
country United States
cup size B
Francesca (DT)
height 164
age -
weight 50
country United States
cup size B