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#15648 article number: DT416 - 2

Lisa vs Tara (21:33)

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USA / Canada

Big Breasts

mini skirt / mini dress

pantyhose / tights

furnished apartment

tit grabbing

tit pulling

titfight - breast to breast

body scissors

leg scissors






red blond



United States

AND IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH to totally exhaust you, our second match features two more foxy femmes in a pantyhose donnybrook. Tara is resting on the couch,accepting a phone challenge from Lisa. Tara has been bragging about how strong and sexy her own legs are and Lisa is bound and determined to prove the boastful beauty wrong. As Tara awaits Lisa's arrival, she continues admiring her smooth, shapely limbs, sheathed in sheer nylon. So entranced is Tara by her own sexy gams that she is caught totally off guard when Lisa charges in and goes on an immediate attack. Soon the hellcats are stripped down to their pantyhose and high heels and they use those sleek thighs to squeeze each other breathless. Of course, their luscious bare breasts aren't spared any abuse either and both girls scream in pain as they each try to win this brutal contest. Whether you're a breast man or you prefer legs and thighs, this tape is definitely for YOU!
Lisa (DT)
height 0
age -
weight 0
country United States
cup size C
Tara (DT)
height 0
age -
weight 0
country United States
cup size A