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#15681 article number: DT313

Angela, Michelle und Traci (43:09)

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Catfights (Storyline)

Catfights (hard)

USA / Canada


panty / panty & bra

mini skirt / mini dress

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment

body punching


tit grabbing

tit pulling

crotch grabbing

labia pulling

facesitting (clothing)

biting / biting attempt










United States

Wow is back with a vengeance, yes the all nude WOW series continues wilder than ever, because in our neverending quest to keep the action fresh we've searched out two new wild cats. Angela, a spunky little blond hard body that dosen't take crap from anyone and beautiful Blond Traci who only seems sweet till she gets her clothes off, then another side of her comes out. And who do we find tangled up with these luscious new cuties, none other than everyones favorite large breasted slim body, the ever popular Michele. Angela is first at the door and after knocking with no answer she enters looking for the person she was supposed to have her movie audition with. She looks stunning in her high heels and skin tight dress but finding no one present she makes herself at home, when soon another knock comes and Michelle enters in her heels and a dress that shows every crevice of her awesome body. The snotty Michelle soon insults Angela, but Angela soon turns the tables when she tells Michelle that she is the one casting the part, then proceeds to insult her as she has this buxom beauty audition for her. Angela really enjoys this dominant destruction as with glee she strips and beats the whimpering Michelle. Then another knock and another auditioner, Traci enters finding Angela on an all nude Michelle, except for her high heels. Now sexy Traci in her hot red dress with the buckles up the front and high heels that send her rounded ass toward the sky, knows who she's supposed to be seeing, so when Angela finishes with MichelleTraci is ready and our two new wild cats are hot at it. Other than being more buxom than Susie Johnson, Traci is her twin and she even sounds like her. We just have to get those two together sometime, but enough of that, back to the action. Traci now beats and strips wild Angela then face sits her in a fabulous couched position, but no sooner is her victim unconscious than a revived Michelle leaps on the unsuspecting Traci. Soon all three beautiful bodies are entwined and bent on destruction with lots of breast mauling, face sitting, crotch attacks, and fabulous two on one dominance. Angela finds Traci is pierced between the legs and uses the ring as a means of torture on her feminine parts. Traci and Angela stretch Michelle over a table and attack her huge breasts and vulnerable crotch. Our new ladies swap face sitting then end up in a mutual face smother, more and more till all are nudes are....well you?ll anjoy seeing the first impression these naked auditioners make. I'd give them the part, all of them, and you would to, when you see how much fun they are to watch. It's definitely a WOW AND THEN SOME!!!
Angel (DT)
height 0
age -
weight 0
country United States
cup size A
Michelle (DT)
height 173
age -
weight 59
country United States
cup size